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Payment Browser

Built on proprietary technology, Payment Browser offers merchants a payment alternative that is flexible, cost effective, secure and reliable. It delivers end-to-end processing from card swipe or key-entered transaction to processor authorization. Merchants, processors, software developers, value added resellers and sales organizations are uniquely positioned to take advantage of the cost savings, simplicity and security this payment solution offers.

Payment Browser helps customers avoid the costs and hassles associated with compliance mandates. Working with all major processors, it allows merchants to easily take their processing business to the lowest cost provider. Payment Browser leverages existing POS equipment and POS software to deliver fast, secure, highly managed IP transactions.


Payment Processing for Your Application

Payment Browser allows you to quickly and inexpensively add PCI compliant Credit Card, Pin based debit, and Electronic Check transaction processing to your web or Windows based applications.

Our unique, internet browser based software platform allows rapid integration of secure, payment processing services into your existing web application without any programming or the need to subject your software to time consuming and costly PA-DSS and PCI-DSS compliance validation.

The Payment Browser application runs along side of your application, allowing the user to process PADSS validated electronic transactions payments to most major US payment processors.

Integrated Payment Processing at the Point of Sale, made simple

At the heart of our product set is Payment Browser™, the industry-leading integrated payment processing solution. Payment Browser™ is available in many of the nation's most popular business software suites. We developed Payment Browser as a unique integration tool, that does the work of the integration for you. Payment Browser delivers uncompromised technology and security while providing merchants with a fast and secure payment processing solution. Payment Browser offers substantial saving benefits and unique features to enable you to market your application without validating compliance to the PA-DSS (Payment Application – Data Security Standards) requirements by "managing" all the transmission of cardholder data outside of your application. Your application can now be a turnkey solution for merchants to capture payments by enabling Payment Browser to integrate to your application... instead of you doing the integration.

One Gateway… All Transactions

Look no further for the most complete and comprehensive array of electronic transactions available in a single payment gateway. All possible transaction types across all available financial sources are connected to your platform and branded as yours with your look and feel.

  • Internet and Non-Swiped Transactions
  • Over the Phone Keyed Transactions
  • EZ Pay Authorization Transactions
  • Recurring Transactions
  • ACH and Electronic Check Processing
  • Online Customer Bill Payment

Your Success is Our Success

At Process Pink, we provide fast and secure authorizations coupled with reliable uptimes and industry leading solutions to enable you to focus on your core business.

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