Industry-Specific Solutions

One Solution does not fit all. Every industry has its own challenges.

One aspect of our services that differentiate us from completion is our specific market expertise. Our unique approach to specialized transaction processing provides various industries with flexible programs that stimulate growth and retention, ultimately crating long-lasting relationships.

Direct Marketing

Direct marketing merchants have special credit card processing needs and are required to submit additional data with each transaction. Process Pink provides several options to help your direct marketing business capture and transmit the additional data that will help you qualify your transaction for the best discount rates possible. Our services also help direct marketing merchants reduce chargeback and fraudulent transaction activity.


We understand your retail establishment is unique. That is why we offer a full range of payment processing products and services, which allow you to choose options and features that are most important to you. Whether you are a small, single-owned location or a large chain, we can tailor a Point-of-Sale (POS) solution to fit your business needs.


We can provide your restaurant with an array of terminal solutions for your specific needs. Weather you own a small diner, a fine dining establishment or a specialty shop we offer processing features for the restaurant industry that will support all major credit and debit cards. The restaurant industry encounters many unique situations that your credit card merchant must effortlessly be able to manage.

Mobile Business

Turn any cell phone into a "sell" phone with Process Pink's Mobile Solution. With our Mobile Solution, your business can accept payments wherever you are, at any time, from virtually any cell phone, PDA, or computer. Our Mobile Solution software works with vitually all of the leading cellular carriers and our compact, lightweight hardware is completely turnkey and simple to use from any location, or in multiple locations.

eCommerce & Internet

Processing credit cards over the Internet is one of the fastest growing segments of transactions today. This type of transaction or "card-not-present" transaction requires a special type of merchant account. Most credit card companies use special criteria to assess risk and they have a different fee structure because you never physically see the card.


Consumers are working more hours these days and have precious few hours for leisure. The hospitality industry caters to offering "hassle free" service and entertainment to these overworked stressed out patrons. Acies specializes in the hospitality industry, from single store restaurants to full-service resorts complexes.

Quick Service

Consumers expect the convenience of plastic everywhere they go—to the supermarket, gas station, drug store, department store, upscale and family restaurants, and specialty retailers. Now, one of the last bastions of cash-only payment is about to crumble as Quick Service Restaurants ("QSRs") hungrily drive up to the payment takeout window.


The Petroleum industry has unique needs at the point of sale that differentiate it from other retail markets. Speed of service, ability to accept alternative payment options and building customer loyalty are just a few key concerns for business owners in these industries.


Aggressive competition for the sale of groceries to American households grows every year. Operating expenses - particularly those involving cash handling, check processing and other labor-intensive activities - can be reduced by working closely with Process Pink.


We provide innovative healthcare and financial transaction solutions for electronically processing HIPAA compliant transactions within the healthcare industry. Our healthcare solutions are specifically tailored to work with specialists in dental, orthodontics, vision, veterinary, emergency, pathology, radiology, obstetrics, cardiology and general practices.

Your Success is Our Success

At Process Pink, we provide fast and secure authorizations coupled with reliable uptimes and industry leading solutions to enable you to focus on your core business.

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