Financing Solutions

At some point during their operation, almost every small business needs to get a small business loan or business cash advance to operate smoothly.

Process Pink Financing Solutions Business Cash Advance Program allows you to leverage an asset most businesses don't realize they have, their Visa/MasterCard processing receipts.

Unlike a bank loan, we have a 90% approval rate with funds typically available within 7 days or less. Most banks after months of preparation reject small business requests for loans and credit lines.

Fortunately with Process Pink Business Cash Advance Program you can take out all the work and time from the business loan application and put it to your actual business development by applying for a business cash advance, an alternative to a small business loan.

Our Business Cash Advance Program offers the following advantages against typical small business loans:

  • 90% Approval Rate (we approve all credit - Good or Bad)
  • Funds typically available in 7 days or less (Small business loans can take months)
  • No extensive paperwork or income verification required
  • No fixed monthly payment to worry about. We take a % of your future sales until Cash Advance is paid back. If you have a slow month, our paybacks slow down (Our goal is to make you a success, not to fail you)
  • Up to $250,000 per location. The amount we can advance you is based on how much monthly Visa/MasterCard sales you do each month
  • Depending on your business type, we can typically advance you up to 20% - 30% more than your business' monthly Visa/MasterCard processing average
  • You are free to use the funds in whatever way you choose

Cash Advance Program Requirements

To be eligible for our Business cash advance program:

  • You must process at least $2,500 a month in Visa/MasterCard for at least a period of 4 months
  • You must be current with your landlord by the time of closing (we do perform a landlord verification call)
  • You cannot have any open bankruptcies in the last 12 months

The funds from the business cash advance program is not a loan. It is an advance against Visa and MasterCard merchant account receipts. It is repaid through the merchant account itself.

Use Cash Advance for anything a business can think of:

  • Purchase more inventory
  • Expand / remodel
  • Open new locations
  • Pay off pas debts
  • And anything else you can think of, the possibilities are endless